Sailor Introduces the Iro-Miyabi 2nd Edition

Somehow, Sailor has only improved upon their gorgeous Iro-Miyabi design with the newly released second edition. While other brands may falter under the weight of such a successful first edition, Sailor has only improved upon the quality and design, making it a pen that will be cherished for years to come.

As you may recall, the Iro-Miyabi series is an homage to the traditional lacquering and art techniques of Japan. The first generation of this series showed us four earth-toned colorways which highlighted the beauty of the various techniques needed to make one of these pens. Now, four new colors are added, only enhancing on the perfected techniques and showcasing the Iro-Miyabi line in a new way. An additional process, called Miyabi-nuri, has been added to the lacquering, giving these pens a special distinction which again highlights the longstanding tradition of Japanese artisans.

Miyabi-nuri is a lacquering technique in which a base color lacquer is first applied. On top of this, another layer is added on a silk cloth which is stroked against the first layer. In doing so, the additional color expresses a sense of fineness to the overall design. Gold or silver powder is then added to the final design for a subtle, refined look.

This technique is used on all four colorways in the second edition. Fukaki-Ake is a red with a purple undertone. Kon-ruri is a navy blue with a layer of lapis-lazuli color. Ran-peki is a mixture of jasper and jade. Finally, the Bun-jin-cha is a stylish brown color that is reminiscent of poetry and parchment paper. Each pen traverses a certain period of Japanese history, from Asuka to Edo to Meiji periods. 

Finally, as with any of Sailor’s products, one can expect a fine display box and accompanying nib. The nib is a 21-carat gold nib, available in both Medium and Broad. The pens are retailing currently for $1,800 from Pen Boutique. 

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  1. Setting the bar higher every time but to be frank all previous editions are great.

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