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We’re talking collabs. This time Montblanc has teamed up with renowned designer Marc Newson again to offer the (Montblanc M)RED edition. With the first edition An all-red edition being a hit, Montblanc followed up with the limited Rhodium version. The red edition was less expensive and less limited.

If you have been following the blog, by now you know that we love the background stories on the pieces we review. Sure you can always buy a pen based on looks alone, but also why not enjoy the “why” of the pen? Bring the pen to life with its story. How many people actually know the story of the pen in their drawer?

You may know Marc Newson for his work with the Apple Watch, or for his industrial designs that really bleed through into this pen. This is not the first collaboration the two have partnered together on. In fact, the Montblanc M line is the result of their innovation. Call it whatever you like but the M line is a step away from Montblanc classic look and a step into the modern. With the Simple, sheik round minimalist design (there’s that word again “minimalist”) You can easily recognize the Marc-esque touch fused into this pen. Very smooth on paper, and perfect for the light-handed.

From the bottom to the top of this pen we liked the clean cool feel it has. Imagine putting your hand on a stainless steel appliance, feeling the coolness, the ridges. This piece puts your mind there with its rhodium coated barrel. The back of the pen features the Montblanc snowflake engraved over a reflective mirror portion of rhodium.

The grip has a bold red stripe covering the rhodium, a nice pop of color to go along with the red collection and really a necessity for this edition. That little red stripe is the life of this piece, the blood. Without it, it’s just a rhodium bar. The nib is 18k Gold rhodium plated. It has the short look to it, as is consistent with the Montblanc M line and engraved is the Montblanc Icon with an M in the middle.

“The world of fine writing Needs/Wants This”

So ok your not a fan of the Industrial look of this edition, maybe its too futuristic for your mind to comprehend. Well, how do you feel about aids? You know, The red collection we’ve been talking about this whole time. It actually is the (RED) foundation to fight aids. You’re going to love the reason behind the movement. Every year they collaborate with different brands to donate funds as a way to find a cure for aids. (You know the red iPhones, headphones, etc.)Montblanc donates $5 for every unit to help fight the disease. That doesn’t sound like much but think about it like this: $5 is what is needed to provide 25 days of life-saving medication. The quantities this edition is produced at then sold. is enough to make a difference.

Seriously this is a conversation that needs to be had on a real-life issue. Efforts like this can go a long way. We like collaboration pens, and find there’s plenty of room for them in the industry. They help people discover the beauty of these pieces and associate the power of a brand name with the art and purpose of fine writing. Taking people out of the dark and into the light of the writing instruments world is THE whole purpose for this blog. So whether it’s Nespresso x Caran d’Ache or legendary designer Marc Newson who has designed for the likes of Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Jeager Le Coultre and many more. The world of fine writing needs/wants this. This can be in your home, or your office or your pocket.

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