Introducing the New Sailor Manyo Fountain Pen – Pairing pens with inks is fun

Who doesn’t like colourful pens? Well, they may not be the most ideal for business, but they’re perfect to use in your spare time when you’re relaxing while practising your penmanship or drawing. But what about pens made to match the shades of your inks? Sailor has worked on a special edition inspired by the colours of its Manyo inks, consisting of five pens in different shades, each accompanied by an inkwell.

A few days ago I had an interesting conversation with one of our readers and he was wondering if people usually associate inks with their pens. Of course they do and it’s so much fun! Even more so when one’s collection of pens and inks is quite generous. And while there are plenty of ways you can spark your own creativity and write more, this one is by far the easiest and you should consider it more often. 

However, the shades of the pens don’t always match the inks perfectly and it can be a challenge to find the right match. That’s not the case of this collection, which was designed particularly to serve this purpose. To create such unique combinations, Sailor selected some of the existing Manyo inks and painted the pens in these shades. You will notice that each pen features a dominant shade that covers both the barrel and cap (after which the pen was named) as well as a contrasting shade chosen to decorate the ends of the pen. 

Personally, I really like the idea that each Sailor collection has its own symbolism. Not only was each pen given a name, but it is subtly highlighted by an exclusive detail on top of the cap. Take for example the first pen, which is inspired by the Sakura and Konagi inks. Covered in a beautiful pale pink shade reminiscent of the mesmerising cherry blossoms of Japan, it is adorned on the cap’s finial with a gilded cherry blossom, thus matching the gold-plated accents of the pen as well as the 14k gold nib available in F, MF and M sizes.

Each pen is offered in a beautiful package next to a matching Manyo Ink 50ml and a converter. And here comes the good news, especially for those of you who already enjoy the new Sailor logo, it will be displayed on the 14k gold nib of each fountain pen in the collection.

To get your hands on one of these colourful sets, contact your local authorised distributors or Sailor directly at [email protected]

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