Montegrappa F1 Speed Podium Black – For the Winners

Montegrappa’s ability to synthesize a brand’s identity into the small real estate of a pen with a few clever design features is a thing of envy. Think, for example, of their Limited Edition Batman? Or the F1 Speed Racing Red before that? Using high quality elements and mixing principled design and playful detailing, Montegrappa continues to set the bar for what it means to evolve as a luxury brand.

Just in time for the 2022 FIA Formula One World Championship, Montegrappa has recently debuted the Podium Black, an update to the Racing Red option from 2021. With its high-octane design, it puts the pedal to the metal on upgrades, losing none of the slick charm of the earlier model.

In contrast to the vibrant Racing Red, Podium Black is a more toned-down variant with high-gloss black lacquer and yellow gold plating. This is a gentleman’s pen for long lasting use and the black lacquer gives it a subtle shine that will put this one in first place on your desk.

Like a good racing vehicle, it’s what’s under the hood that counts. Here, we have a variety of materials that enhance the writing experience. Using engineered materials Montegrappa elevates the overall feel of the pen without sacrificing any of its overall design aesthetic. Carbon fiber is used in the grip section and cap while an all-brass barrel offers unmatched precision when crafting the pen, giving it a perfect canvas for the high-gloss lacquer used on the body.

A beveled design that seamlessly curves into the grip section is made in part to the brass fittings and numerically-controlled machining that is also used to create a smooth transition from barrel to grip section, leading to enhanced comfort and confident handle.

Overall, this pen is a natural progression for Montegrappa’s continued partnership with FIA. Available in rollerball and fountain pen, and limited to 372 pieces (to honor the top speed ever recorded at the Championships of 372.6 km/h), be sure to race to the finish line to get yours.

Rollerball pens retail for €1,700 and fountain pens for €2,350. For further information on any of these pens, get in contact with your local authorised retailers or visit Montegrappa’s website.

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