Unleash Your Creativity with Montblanc’s Calligraphy Online Sessions 

In an era where technology often dominates communication, the art of calligraphy has experienced a renaissance, offering a unique and personal touch to written expression. Montblanc, renowned for its commitment to craftsmanship and elegance as well as for preserving the art of handwriting, is hosting a series of Calligraphy Online Sessions featuring talented calligraphers such as Chantelle Hoffmann and Brittany DeSantis. These virtual workshops, scheduled for November 21, 29, and December 21, promise to be a journey into the world of calligraphy, blending tradition with modern flair.

November 21: Monogram Magic with Chantelle Hoffmann

The first class takes place on November 21 and is presented by Chantelle Hoffmann. Get ready for a very cool one-hour class in which you along with other participants will delve into the art of monogram design, exploring various forms that beautifully utilize both traditional and modern calligraphy techniques. The class welcomes enthusiasts of all levels, whether seasoned calligraphers or complete beginners, as no prior experience or special writing instruments are required. Chantelle will guide attendees in creating personalized monogram designs, perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to different occasions. Whether you’re decorating the table at your next dinner with friends or sending a letter to someone dear, you will make a good impression by applying what you have learned in the course.

November 29: Introduction to Modern Calligraphy with Brittany DeSantis – Part Two

The second course takes forward the Modern Calligraphy course. Canadian watercolor artist and calligrapher Brittany DeSantis will guide all participants into the second part of the Introduction to Modern Calligraphy series. Brittany will lead a comprehensive exploration of letter formations, utilizing her distinct modern calligraphy alphabet. This working session invites attendees to participate actively, creating each letter of the alphabet in detail. The class aims to make modern calligraphy both artistic and approachable, ensuring that this timeless skill becomes accessible to everyone.

December 21: Connecting Letters & Bouncing Words with Brittany DeSantis

On December 21, which is also the third installment of the Modern Calligraphy series, Brittany DeSantis will help participants learn three helpful types of connections to seamlessly form all words, along with the art of “bouncing” letters in the quintessentially fun modern calligraphy style. The session will culminate in a collaborative project, where attendees will write a series of quotes, gaining valuable insights into creating beautiful compositions.

Whether you are new to calligraphy or already have some experience, Montblanc’s Calligraphy Online Sessions provide a unique opportunity to explore the art of calligraphy under the guidance of renowned artists. Make your thank-you cards even more memorable and put a big smile on your friends’ faces next time you send a letter. Join these virtual sessions and embark on a journey into the world of calligraphy, where tradition meets modernity in a harmonious blend of artistic expression.

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