LAMY AL-star 2022 White Silver – An ideal pen for getting started in the World of Pens

If you’re among our regular readers, you probably know that most of our articles revolve around some of the world’s most fascinating writing instruments. For example, just last month we wrote about the incredible Patron of the Art edition, the iconic Meisterstück, and the Montegrappa F1 Podium Black, the latest addition to the F1 Speed collection. 

However, the pen industry isn’t just about these impressive gems, as there are many other writing tools (not as elaborate as the aforementioned ones, of course) that are just great for everyday writing, jotting or, why not, drawing. And some of them are incredibly affordable, while still looking very clean and modern. Such is the case with the new special edition Lamy AL-star in White Silver of which we will be talking about in this article.

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Personally, I’m not a big fan of Lamy pens, as their design doesn’t suit my personal tastes (except for the iconic LAMY 2000 which is a must-have and perhaps this new edition), but I’ve had the opportunity to test a few Lamy pens and I must admit, the writing experience was quite enjoyable! 

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Now, this article is intended to provide those looking to take their first steps into the world of pens with a fountain pen that has a clean, modern design and offers a decent writing experience, all at an unbeatable price. And that’s because I often read on various forums questions like that: “Is Montblanc a good pen to start writing with?”.

If, reading this article, you have asked yourself the same question, you are in the right place. Montblanc is by far a good pen to start writing with, but have you ever written with a fountain pen before? It’s important to see if you enjoy writing with a fountain pen before investing a considerable amount of money in a Montblanc. 

Alright, the point is: if you want to explore the captivating World of Pens, start out by trying some affordable pens like this Lamy, for example. Then you can move on to Montblanc, Montegrappa, Pilot and you know… the sky’s the limit. You’ll probably fall in love with them and start collecting.

What I like the most about this special edition is definitely the colour scheme and the metallic look: the barrel and cap are painted in a very cool white silver shade, as the name suggests, complemented by the flexible steel clip and stainless steel nib. Then the iconic design that is almost unmistakable. A very popular element found on every Al-star and also implemented on this special edition is the smoky translucent grip section, very comfortable, by the way.

The pen is made from lightweight, durable aluminum and this gives it robustness and balance while writing. Offered in stainless steel, the nib looks exactly like any Lamy nibs and is available in extra-fine, fine, medium, broad widths. As for the filling mechanism, you can use either the proprietary LAMY cartridges or the LAMY Z28 converter to fill the pen. 

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Of course there are other pen options to start your journey into this fascinating world, but I hope this article has inspired you. As for the pen, get in touch with your local authorised retailers and try it out. For only 23€, you can give it a shot!  

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