LAMY Introduces a New Limited Edition Set

Sometimes all you need is a little splash of color. Seriously now, there are plenty of studies showing how colours influence our mood, personality and creativity. To give their users a boost, LAMY has recently launched a new limited edition set – the AL-star Glossy Red. Now comes the question: who is this pen for? Let’s find out below! 

While not as luxurious as other brands in the industry, LAMY is a brand I would recommend to anyone new to the world of fountain pens. Not only are their pens quite affordable, but they come in such a wide variety of colors and materials, which is great. This special edition in glossy red is certainly not for everyone, but for those with bold ideas and vivid creativity. 

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Made out of aluminum, the pen has both a premium look but is also well-balanced in terms of weight being slightly heavier than its plastic counterpart – the Safari model. What I like most about this edition is that the pen comes with two ink feeds and grips so you can choose one for traditional ink colours and the other for bright specialty inks. Such a cool feature, isn’t it?

The edition is joined by a LAMY softcover notebook with exclusive red and yellow colouring on the cover to match the colour scheme of the pen. In the box, there is also a mango ink refill that will give colour to your ideas.

Perfect for the younger generation, the edition is also appropriately priced at just €79.00, so anyone can afford it.

Now, is this pen to your liking? Let us know in the comments section!

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