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Montblanc’s Calligraphy Classes Invite You Into Their World (For Free)

The world of luxury writing utensils can sometimes be seen as a bit exclusive. There is often a financial entry point for what is considered a quality pen, or perhaps one doesn’t live in an urban area for access to likeminded people. 

In an effort to avoid alienating those who love the art of writing, Montblanc has lowered the barrier of entry into their world by offering free online classes in calligraphy. These online classes are hosted by two expert calligraphers, Chantelle Hoffman and Brittany DeSantis, who offer their years of expertise in friendly, easy, and accessible lessons. 

Currently the classes highlight two letter styles, Copperplate Calligraphy and Modern Calligraphy. Both avenues of writing are part of a series, offering a graduation from the basics into more intricate details of the various styles of calligraphy out there. The classes are set up to be accessible for total beginners while also offering fresh perspectives for seasoned calligraphers.

And what’s best about these classes? They’re totally free.

Montblanc’s free sessions are evidence of the growing push towards inviting others into the often (seemingly) esoteric world of writing. With a tagline like “Inspire Writing” it seems that Montblanc is doing just that, putting in tools and resources that go beyond simple press releases and instagram posts and pushing the industry towards an inclusive, invitational journey into the world of writing.

Paired with the opening of the Montblanc Haus earlier this year, we can see that the direction of Montblanc is centered around the experience of writing, not just the brand name. We’re thrilled to see what’s next.

To register for the calligraphy classes, click here montblanc.com

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