Nights Like These

We spent our night at a very exclusive event. An event filled with the who’s who’s and the heavy players in their respective fields. A night filled with drinks, laughs and some very limited expensive pens.

First off thank you to our very good friends at Style of Zug for inviting us to an event that is held every year. “The style night” is filled with heuer d’oeuvres, special guests and limited edition writing instruments. For years Style of Zug has been one of the go-to authorities for writing instruments and luxury goods in Switzerland. Based in Zug Switzerland this little boutique is making big noise by not only selling top quality lifestyle goods, but also selling some of the top brands in the writing instruments world. Brands such as Montblanc, Caran D’ache, and Graf von Faber Castell just to name a few. Inside the event, we were fortunate enough to make some friends, shake some hands, meet a very cool watch blogger and yes get our hands on the limited pieces.

Perhaps one of the most interesting parts of this piece is the 18k gold nib with the engraving of the cupola of the cathedral “Santa Maria del Fiore.


Walking in we were greeted by a friendly lady who took our coat and handed us a mimosa (don’t mind if we do). Scanning the inside of the boutique we couldn’t help notice the Graf von Faber Castell Sparta POTY 2020 (We did a cool story here), so the night was already off to a good start. As we kept walking and mingling we eventually made our way to the Montblanc ink bar, operated by two Montblanc representatives. Greeted with a warm smile we were able to check out some Montblanc ink refills, testing out some Meisterstuck pieces with some different color inks. We learned the correct way to write with a fountain pen ( We preach “use it how you want to”, so who knew there was such a thing? ) and we were showed more on how Montblanc’s system works inside their fountain pens. It was a very informative setup, to say the least. We are all about bringing people into the world of writing instruments so this was definitely a win.

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