Otto Hutt’s design04 Wave Blue is Discontinued

As the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. And that is the case with Otto Hutt’s design04 Wave Blue. A vibrant pen that embodied the continued direction of Otto Hutt’s expanded vision of the brand, the Wave Blue enjoyed some popularity within its time as an offering from the German brand.

Ultimately, it will be discontinued and fazed out with retailers over the coming months.

But fear not! The design04 is still alive and well and is not being completely discontinued. In fact, we would argue it is a vital product offering from the brand. With its thinner body that’s more akin to a traditional stick pen, it’s a great option for those who can be fatigued by a larger pen. And, what’s more, the pen continues to shine with an array of colors and options that bring Otto Hutt into a new era for the company.

The barrel of this pen is a great blank canvas for the design team’s imagination at Otto Hutt and with the broad appeal of the design04, they have taken the pen to another level. From bright white to princess cut options, there is truly a style that resonates with any user. 

And so while the design04 Wave Blue may be discontinued, the product line itself continues to grow and flourish. Just last year, they launched the matte version. We believe the 04 is here to stay and the discontinuation of the Wave Blue soon won’t be missed!

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