Sailor Maki-e Shika to Gekkou – Deer in Moonlight

Sailor, renowned for its exquisite craftsmanship in fountain pens, is delighted to introduce an alluring new series of limited-edition maki-e fountain pens titled ‘Dobutsu to Gekkou,’ translating to ‘Animals in the Moonlight.’ The debut creation in this series, christened ‘Shika to Gekkou’ or ‘Antler in the Moonlight,’ is a captivating masterpiece crafted by the talented artist Ikki Moroiki. Limited to a only 50 pieces worldwide, this fountain pen redefines elegance.

Immersed in the art form of Togidashi Taka Makie, the ‘Antler in the Moonlight’ fountain pen seamlessly integrates mother of pearl and a subtle touch of raden to depict the mesmerizing eyes of the deer. The moon, a prominent motif, is rendered as a single expanse of mother of pearl enhanced with silver powder, invoking the mystique of a moonlit fog. The pen’s background, cloaked in a matt finish, boasts a delicate ishime structure that transforms its appearance from black to a deep green with shifting light. The relief work adds a profound dimension to the pen, breathing life into an imaginary forest, complete with meticulously detailed logs and the antlers of the deer, which appear to leap out in almost three-dimensional splendor.

The artistic genius behind this creation is Ikki Moroiki-san, born in Ishikawa prefecture, Japan, in 1962. After his high school graduation in 1980, Moroiki-san embarked on an apprenticeship journey under the tutelage of the esteemed Maki-e artist, Mr. Ikkou Kiyose, based in Kanazawa. His apprenticeship concluded in 1986, propelling him to establish his own business in Kaga city.

Photo credit: Pen Boutique

Moroiki-san’s artistic prowess quickly garnered recognition, with multiple awards from prestigious exhibitions. Notably, he secured top honors thrice at the Kanazawa Lacquer Arts and Crafts Exhibition. His excellence extended to the Yamanaka Lacquer Art Craft Maki-e Exhibition, where five of his crafts earned the esteemed distinction of lifetime awards. Over the years, he has clinched the top honor an impressive four times from the same exhibition. His talents were showcased at the Exhibition of Japanese Traditional Lacquer Art Craft, with his work being acquired by the Imperial Household Agency in 1994. Further accolades followed, with his entry into the Exhibition of Japanese Traditional Art Craft in 1996 and his official membership in the Japanese Art Crafts Association in 1999.

The ‘Antler in the Moonlight’ fountain pen embodies the intricate craftsmanship, deep artistic heritage, and meticulous attention to detail that both Sailor and Ikki Moroiki-san exemplify. As the first jewel in the ‘Animals in the Moonlight’ collection, it stands as an exquisite testament to the convergence of art and craftsmanship that continues to grace the world of fine writing instruments.

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