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Spotlight on Boutique: Fountain Pen Hospital pt.1

In the world of writing instruments, the instruments alone are an important part. But think about why you are here now? ( of course) As much as we’d love to take credit, something sparked your interest in the craft. Often it’s a picture, but then what? How do you decide to buy?

If your one of the millions who like to feel and see things in person before you buy, then you go to a store or boutique. Online shopping is simply not enough. If you are one of those people then you probably prefer a boutique. You have a relationship with a salesman or saleswoman and trust their advice and knowledge. The boutiques are important because they help spark the interest between the instruments and you the consumer. We want to share the spotlight on FountainPen Hospital in a two-part blog post.

To find out who FountainPen Hospital are we need to take you to the big apple, NewYork City. Rooted on Warren street just 10 minutes from Wall Street is a store with humble beginnings. Founded in 1946 by Phil Wiederlight and Al Wiederlight they sought a way to bring their knowledge of fine writing instruments to NYC. Today the store is still run by family, the grandsons Terry and Steve Wiederlight. They pride themselves on extensive knowledge between the two of them and their Director of operations Ed Fingerman. If you have ever talked to one of their clients they will confirm that right away.

Though not the biggest boutique by far, inside is a sight to see. It is full of Wonderfully lit displays and gold trimmings that catch the eye right away. The offer options at every price point and they carry all of the major players in the writing industry, names like Montegrappa, Parker, Pelikan, and Lamy just to name a few. Seriously this place smells of pens, any important pen is here. Perhaps even more impressive is their wide range of new and vintage pieces. Top it off with how knowledgeable they are about every piece, and you fall in love with this place.

Their online presence is felt worldwide. They are one of the first online buying platforms for writing instruments. You can order online or by phone, though not the fanciest website it gets the job done. This site is one of the leaders in online sales for writing instruments in the world. FountainPen Hospital has long been established the industry, every year they release a book that is the authority on which pieces to add to your collection. In store you never feel like your being “sold to” and that’s the way it should be.

By far the most impressive part of the whole experience is the boutique. You will be amazed at all the options and the cool location. If you can’t get to New York head over to their website . In part Two we will share our interview with terry, and get inside the heart of FountainPen hospital. Stay tuned to see what makes the wheels spin at their wonderful boutique.

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