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Montegrappa David Bowie Blackstar – Tribute to the greatest Rock Star

As anticipated in a post last April 21st, Montegrappa has paid tribute to one of the greatest, or as Rolling Stone named him: “Greatest Rock Star Ever” following his death in 2016. David Robert Jones, known professionally as David Bowie was acclaimed by critics and musicians, particularly for his innovative work during the 1970s. But also his final Album named  (Blackstar) is as well an incredible masterpiece. And this is also the chosen basis by Montegrappa to create their homage to David Bowie

We have a kind of tiny tradition to establish here, since for all the musicians honoured so far by writing instrument manufacturers, we suggest a song to listen while you’re reading the respective article. We have done it for Elvis Presley, John Lennon and now open your music app and search for THE song of David Bowie: HEROES (1977). The relevance of an artist like David Bowie is proofed by the figure you can find on Spotify right now. Over 16 Million of monthly listeners 5 years after his death says it all. Just as a comparison, Lenny Kravitz, which is as well a sublime Rockstar has less the half the listeners. But we’re not here to draw up a ranking. Much more to celebrate one of the most expected releases of 2021.

Black on black

If there is one music style that is strictly related to a color, then it’s definitely Rock to black. The color of Rock is as well the Leitmotiv of the Montegrappa David Bowie: . This is the official name of the writing instrument, available as a rollerball and fountain pen limited to 801, a nod to Bowie’s birthday. Numbered #1-401 for the fountain pens and #402-801 the rollerballs. The all-black finish of the David Bowie:  is incredibly modern and actual as well as a little bit in contrast with the rather colorful and more extroverted nature of Montegrappa’s typical style. Montegrappa’s design is strikingly contemporary and relies on ruthenium for its all-black recipe of oblique, calculated chic. As well the nib, in rigorously 18ct Gold, is finished in black and available in 6 sizes, from EF to Stub 1.1. Together with a piston filling mechanism and solid 59g of weight (66g for the rollerball) it gives you a quite “solid” writing experience.


 is rich in symbolism and we worked very hard to condense its visual language into our design,” Giuseppe Aquila explains. The CEO of Montegrappa has been very closely envolved in the development of this writing instrument. And the inspiration for the barrel of the pen comes from long-time Bowie collaborator, Jonathan Barnbook, that actually won a Grammy for his album art direction – a design that still feels futuristic and foreboding. ’s intriguing system of glyphs and collapsing star graphics have been added by diamond-engraving every surface of Montegrappa’s homage. The result is a hyper-modern design that contrasts sharply with traditional perceptions of writing instruments. In fine Rock tradition

Packed with style

As per Montegrappa’s tradition, the Italian manufacturer has packed with style this writing instrument not only symbolically but also literally. The beauty of the “David Bowie: ” is highlighted by the sophisticated packaging that comes with the pens. Owners of the “David Bowie: ” are presented with a showcase suitable for hanging on any wall. As Aquila points out, “Many of our customers regard our pens as trophies.” So if you are “Bowiephile” make sure you get your hands on one of these precious artefacts since with so few pieces available (remember the monthly listening figure mentioned above) the chance is relatively high, that they will be sold out very soon.

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