Montblanc Introduces the Meisterstuck 146 with Flex Nib

More so than a ballpoint or rollerball, a fountain pen has the ability to be a totally personalized writing experience. From the pen one selects (or, even for that matter, the brand!), to the ink, to the paper, and finally the nib – it is an all-encompassing experience which makes writing that much more pleasurable.

For me, a flex nib provides a level of personality that is beyond what one would find in a standard EF to Broad nib option. With the ability to write at wide variances of point size, it gives the writer an altogether unique writing experience that highlights the user’s own handwriting. Taking it one step forward, the texture and engineering of a gold nib takes the flex to a whole other level.

This, of course, leads me to Montblanc’s 149 flex nib. A standard-bearer of brand integrity and ingenuity, the 149 with a flex nib has been a favorite of calligraphers, fine writing, and art enthusiasts alike for decades. Having a comfortable silhouette for the hand, the flex nib was able to flow smoothly with little bite-back on the paper, while still providing the variances that a flex nib is known – and loved – for.

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With that said, Montblanc will be replacing the 149 flex nib with its more diminutive cousin, the 146. The 146, for many, has a better handfeel, allowing for a more controlled writing experience without sacrificing any of the style and substance that is emblematic of the Montblanc identity. The 146 will continue to have the same unparalleled craftsmanship while taking the flex nib into new markets for those who are loyal to their preferred model. With that said, the differences between 146 and 149 are minimal and someone who is looking for an exceptional writing experience should look no further than Montblanc, with its world-class 14-karat nib.

At this time, the 146 production has begun but it remains to be seen how many units are in the market. But if you are on the lookout for a new writing experience, or for an excuse to add something to your collection, you can find the 146 at retailers already, including Appelboom.

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