Otto Hutt Unveils Its New Scented Inks

As I wrote in one of last week’s articles that as soon as Otto Hutt unveils their special project, I will share more information with you, well… here we are. Yesterday, the German brand published a reel on their instagram account, revealing their long-awaited product, which is a collection of scented inks. 

I have to admit that I really like inks, of any kind, but I have a soft spot for scented inks. And even though there are some sorts of scented inks on the market, this collection made by Otto Hutt plays in a league of its own. From the video they shared we know that there will be scented inks, and according to their latest announcement, there are 16 bottles and 16 different scents, which means we’re talking about a comprehensive collection. The official launch is scheduled for the 2nd of May 2023.

We don’t know anything about the scents yet, but design-wise, the inks seem to come in the same bottles and packaging as the current range. Given the backgrounds used in the teaser videos, I would expect these handmade inks to be rich in color, but we’ll see once they publish some ink samples. In fact, we’ll try to get our hands on a few inks and review them in an article.

Are you curious what the inks will smell like? Tell us in the comments section.

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